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Get ready for best-of-3 matches in Duel Challenge.
After the Retro Challenge that was available for a full week, Supercell now has updated Clash Royale with the Duel Challenge, inviting you to try to win games for a new set of rewards with some special rules.
In Duel Challenge, you will need to prepare 4 decks before matchmaking as you will participate in best-of-3 matches, which means you will need two wins with two different decks to claim the victory. No matter if you lose or win, you can't use one deck for more than a single round in a match.
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Since you are going to use multiple decks in one match, it is important to have counters for different types of play. Having one spam deck, one trap deck, one normal deck, and one heavy deck is probably the ideal form to enter a match, but it still doesn't guarantee a win for you as it is important what deck your opponent chooses to play.
That being said, we have a few deck suggestions here that could hopefully help you complete this challenge with fewer difficulties. Below, you can take a look at these decks:
Duel Deck 1 – Suggested by DualShockers
Duel Deck 2 – Suggested by Master Diddy San
Keep in mind that the Duel Challenge features a loss penalty. If you lose three matches, you will be eliminated from the challenge. You will need six wins to complete the challenge and earn all rewards. Below, you can check out the full list of rewards for Duel Challenge:
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