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B2Z Insurance, the one-stop-shop for online business insurance, announces nationwide coverage. B2Z offers insurance coverage that best fits the needs of small business owners with a smooth online quote process and flexible coverage dates and payment schedules—the goal being to properly insure their businesses before they experience an unforeseen loss.
“We’re very proud to bring the value of B2Z Insurance to small business owners from coast to coast,” said B2Z CEO and founder Kuldeep Malik.
B2Z’s innovative insurance experience cuts through common points of confusion in a customer’s journey by presenting coverage education relevant to an owner’s unique business. Customers have the opportunity to review their coverage with a licensed B2Z Customer Experience advocate by phone, text, or chat. This flexibility is of high value to busy small business owners.
B2Z covers a wide range of businesses—now in all 50 states. Built to be better for small businesses, B2Z is committed to delivering digital customer experience excellence. B2Z has transformed how business insurance is purchased online. Business owners can get a quote in minutes, not days or weeks, and can purchase personalized coverage all online that fully protects their business the first time. B2Z also offers Hassle-Free Cancelation options to customers for canceling their old policy, which makes the switching process painless.
For more information about B2Z Insurance, visit http://www.b2z-insurance.com.
About B2Z Insurance
B2Z Insurance is an online business insurance company that helps small business owners make coverage decisions in as little as five minutes. Unlike other business insurance platforms, B2Z provides a completely digital experience—quote and purchase coverage online anytime, anywhere, and via any mobile device. Using simple coverage explanations, online quote decisions, same-day coverage purchasing, hassle-free cancellations, and an on-the-go customer portal, B2Z helps small businesses thrive.
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