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Spoilers forward for Alchemy of Souls season 1, episode 20
The largest query that viewers who’ve watched Alchemy of Souls season 1 finale have is — what does Jang Uk’s survival imply for the way forward for the present? As you realize by now, Jang Uk had managed to curb the facility of soul stone earlier than it might kill many. He did make it appear as if the Crown Prince had achieved this feat, nevertheless, as somebody born underneath the King’s Star, he was destined to take management of the soul stone.
Not many are conscious of the truth that Jang Uk holds the soul stone inside him within the K-drama. Proceed studying to seek out out what his destiny in Season 1 of Alchemy of Souls might imply.
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By giving up each little bit of his final energy, Jang Uk achieved energy not like something that both he or Mu-deok had dreamed of. Nonetheless, issues took a flip for the more severe due to Jin Mu.
Mu is a placeholder at Cheonbugwan for Jang Uk’s father Jang Gang. His dream has at all times been to be a Kingmaker, and he won’t let anybody stand in his approach. So he manipulates Naksu who lives in Mu-deok’s physique utilizing spells that the useless shaman had been utilizing whereas she had possessed the Que’s physique.
Jin Mu obtained her spell after she died and used it to trick Mu-deok into stabbing Jang Uk. The second she turns into conscious of her actions, she finally ends up on the cliff above the lake the place soul stone had been hidden a few years in the past.
Unable to let go of her guilt, she decides to finish her life and jumps to her dying. Apparently. She doesn’t drown totally. Two unknown people appear to rescue her, however their identification is unknown. Nonetheless, contemplating the truth that Naksu is a soul shifter, and that her soul is working wild, Naksu might need to desert Mu-deok’s physique. This chance was additionally hinted at within the upcoming season’s promo, which is able to air in December.
Nonetheless, some questions have to be addressed, reminiscent of how Naksu can actually regain her physique. In any case, the teaser options Go Yoon-jung, who performed Naksu within the first season.
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The top of Alchemy of Souls season 1 episode 20, additionally sees Jang Uk seem unharmed from an enormous bonfire that had been lit to bid him farewell. His family and friends believed that Mu-deok’s stabbing had resulted in Jang Uk’s dying. Nonetheless, he appeared completely effective.
What’s unlucky is that Mu-deok jumped to her dying and will not survive the autumn within the kind recognised by Jang Uk. The teaser additionally suggests a time leap primarily based on the totally different appearances of a number of the major characters.
Jang Uk seems to be practising magic as nicely, aided by the facility of the soul stone. Jin Mu might have duped the crown prince, who noticed Jang Uk as a menace to his throne. There are numerous knots that should be untangled within the upcoming episodes and certainly one of them is the destiny of Jang Uk and Naksu.
Can Jang Uk actually recover from Mu-deok’s loss and proceed to like Naksu in her new kind? The 2 are nearly actually going to begin out as adversaries. Jang Uk’s tone within the new season, particularly, is darkish and morbid, symbolising hatred and dying. He’s additionally seen murdering a number of individuals.
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Moreover, the upcoming season of Alchemy of Souls will reveal how Jang UK’s mates Seo Yul and Park Dang-gu will react to his modified conduct. He should additionally cope with Dang-rage gu’s for preserving the reality about Naksu hidden. Ultimately, his prison father-in-law was killed by Naksu. Mu-birth deok’s secret was additionally saved hidden in the course of the first season.
If the experiences are true, and actor Jung So-min, who portrays Mu-deok in Alchemy of Souls doesn’t return to the present, how will the makers clarify her connection to Jinyowan and the Jin household? The reply once more lies within the finale of the primary season.
Ms. Jin, Jinyowan’s chief, seems to suspect Mu-deok is her daughter.
So-yi additionally confirms the existence of her daughter Jin Bu-yeon, who vanished after the primary look of the soul stone. This info can be essential within the upcoming season of Alchemy of Souls, which is able to premiere in December.


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