A$AP Rocky Gushes Over His Relationship With Rihanna: 'I'm Proud, Man' – Yahoo News

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A$AP Rocky opened up about his relationship with Rihanna while appearing on Revolt’s Drink Champs, sharing that he’s “proud” to be welcoming a little one with the fashion icon, Rap-Up reports.
ASAP Rocky on Rihanna and their baby: “I’m proud, man”! pic.twitter.com/5zsbdwSoaQ
— 𝖌𝖆𝖇𝖗𝖎𝖊𝖑 (@gabgonebad) May 14, 2022
Rocky’s love life came up after the rapper complimented host N.O.R.E. on his marriage with Neri Santiago. N.O.R.E. told the rapper that he believes in the “sanctity of marriage.”
He continued to praise N.O.R.E.’s relationship, saying that he watched the couple on WE TV’s Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition.
“I could see the realness between both of y’all and s**t like that and I could really tell, like, y’all been through some s**t together, y’all been through a journey and it’s real. It’s not fabricated, it’s actually real,” Rocky said.
He shared he hopes to keep the same values at the core of his relationship with Rihanna.
“And that’s what I aspire to keep, just genuine real s**t, just f**k what the outside world got going on, f**k what the outside world think and s**t like that. It’s really about an understanding between two components, you and your significant other,” he said.
The room applauded, and DJ EFN added that they’re “three components now.”
Rocky’s face revealed an even bigger smile after his baby was mentioned.
“I’m proud, man,” he said.
Rocky’s love for Rihanna and their budding family has been the subject of the rapper’s new music, too. As Blavity previously reported, fans geeked out when the rapper dropped his video for “D.M.B.,” which featured a scene that suggested the pair tied the knot.
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