A-League captain wants VAR scrapped: 'You see people wait to celebrate, that's not what football is all about' – FTBL Australia

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Brisbane captain Tom Aldred has called for VAR technology to be scrapped after his side’s controversial A-League Men clash with Western Sydney.
The Roar had two second-half goals disallowed in the 1-1 draw, the first when a four-minute perusal deemed that Scott Neville was offside when he put the ball in the back of the net.
Aldred, speaking ahead of Saturday’s home clash with Melbourne Victory, was still perplexed by the decision to disallow James O’Shea’s strike from a free kick minutes later.
The referee ruled Connor Chapman had encroached to within a metre of the defensive wall, a correct decision technically but one that Aldred said lacked common sense in its application.
“You watch all the games throughout the leagues and in my opinion I would like to go back to no VAR and back to human error with the referees,” Aldred said.
“Over a course of a season you’d like to think they’d get ironed out. Some days you will get some good ones and some days you’ll get some bad ones.
“You see people score goals now and wait to celebrate and that is not what football is all about. It is about that moment and how quickly things can happen, and then reacting.
“VAR now is getting to the point with the rules where there are so many grey areas, and even the referees don’t know the right and wrong decisions. There is so much delay in the games.”
Aldred said he enjoyed playing in Scotland under the old rules with no VAR in place.
“Over the course of a season you would get a penalty decision that was maybe dubious, and then a week after you would get one against you that was dubious. It would even itself out,” he said.
“I am watching (games) back in Scotland now and the referees are running over to a screen and having a look. You can see by the expression on his face he doesn’t know what decision to make.
“They said VAR would improve the game but for me I am not sure now.”
Aldred also said he had “absolutely no idea” why O’Shea’s goal was cancelled out.
“I can understand if the encroachment on the wall affected the wall, which then affects the goal. If the actual play doesn’t affect the goal then I don’t understand what that ruling is,” he said.


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