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The Forgers may have started as strangers in Spy x Family, but they’ve established a strong bond that puts them on par with any other family.
Spy x Family quickly became a phenomenon, and its first season has finally come to a close. It's fair to say that the anime adaptation of the popular manga series lived up to its expectations, if not surpassed them. Spy x Family follows the journey of prominent spy Twilight, otherwise known as Loid Forger, and his fake family.
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As the Forgers, Loid, his adopted daughter, Anya, and his wife, Yor, pose as a loving unit to their associates, but behind closed doors, they're simply strangers getting to know each other. The Forgers may have started as strangers, but they've established a strong bond that puts them on par with any other family.
For the Forgers, living together has allowed them to go from complete strangers to three people who now have a family dynamic, as unorthodox as it may be. There are many advantages of a family living together, and the Forgers have been able to reap those benefits and form a beautiful bond.
By residing under the same roof, the Forgers have been able to establish a day-to-day routine, such as eating meals together and watching the television. While it may seem mundane, it has certainly brought a sense of normalcy in their otherwise peculiar lives.
The Forgers' true identities are still unknown to one another. However, in the short time that the Forgers have known each other, they have formed a strong bond and created a real family dynamic that will surely be hard to break.
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The Forgers may be playing pretend in order to fool those around them, but the relationship between the Forgers is just as convincing behind closed doors. In their short time together, it is clear to see they care deeply for each other, just as "real" families do.
Despite coming together for personal gain, the Forgers have come to care deeply for their newly acquired family members. They play the role so well that it doesn't appear to be a role at all, and the Forgers are starting to believe that, too.
From simple acts of kindness such as words of affirmation to elaborate gestures such as renting out castles to play out Anya's favorite show, the Forgers are always looking out for each other and going the extra mile. Even Anya, who is only a young child, uses her telepathy to her advantage and acts upon the thoughts of Loid and Yor to help them out to the best of her ability.
Aiding the physical and mental development of children is essential for their bodies and minds to grow, especially in their early years. By supporting the development of a child, parents and guardians are not only preparing them for the world, but allowing children to feel safe and nurtured, thus creating closer and more fulfilling relationships.
Loid and Yor make it a priority to support both the mental and physical development of young Anya. From Loid helping Anya study for school to Yor teaching her self-defense (in both the physical and mental sense), Anya has a strong and loving network provided by her parental figures.
There are numerous benefits to going out together as a family. Family outings offer quality time, which in turn allows families to grow closer and strengthen their bonds. Going out together as a family lets people forget about their worries, and focus on what's really important.
Fans of Spy x Family have witnessed the Forgers out and about have seen them become a stronger unit. Such outings have proven that while the Forgers may have come together ingenuously, they are falling into a close familial unit seamlessly.
Everyone has kept a secret from those who are important to them at some point in their life. Whether it's due to feelings of shame and embarrassment, or because people feel as though that secret is necessary to protect others, secrets within families are common.
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In the case of the Forgers, their secrets are far from what most would expect a family to be carrying. With a top spy from Westalis, a cut-throat assassin, and a telepathic, viewers can forgive the Forgers for not parading this information. Although, this also means they're a lot more similar to one another than they may believe.
The Forgers may have initially come together as means to an end, but it is quite obvious that they have grown to care for one another very much. The Forgers are a found family and they have shown fans time and time again just how much they value their little set-up.
The sham marriage between Loid and Yor began as a way for each to obtain their respective goals. However, from day-to-day activities to the more grand gestures, it's more than obvious to see that the Forgers' connection has blossomed into something real.
Families are unique. No two families are the same, which can be deemed both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the situation at hand. The Forgers are definitely peculiar.
With Loid and Yor both undertaking rather eccentric jobs, and little Anya's brow-raising telepathic tendencies, the Forgers aren't what most think of when the word "family" springs to mind. It's something others have picked up on, too, as their neighbors have had quite a bit to gossip about regarding the trio. The Forgers are a little odd, but they warm the hearts of adoring fans globally.
With millions of books readily available that cover a range of topics from adopting a child to how to communicate with a spouse, viewers may think it's simple to work as a family. This couldn't be further from the truth. Families take commitment and effort, and no matter how many how-to guides a person reads, the only way to truly get it right is to learn along the way.
This is exactly what the Forgers have been doing. Loid may not be a stranger to a book or two, but even he has grasped that no matter how much one might strive for perfection upon the basis of perfectly crafted plans, families are unpredictable.
Perfection is a dangerous and impossible concept that tends to intimidate people. Perfection doesn't exist. Families are certainly far from perfect, but that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
The Forgers are a prime example of this. They keep secrets, they tell lies, and they come together as a result of needing one another for selfish gains. Families lie, families clash, and families take out their problems on one another. While these things aren't great, they're human qualities. As long as the behavior can be acknowledged, it's possible to move forward and strive for better, and the Forgers are looking pretty promising in that regard.
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