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Some Stands in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are so powerful they cause lasting effects.
In JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, battles against enemy Stand users are seldom consequential. Most abilities dissipate when outside the caster's range or once they have been knocked unconscious, which makes them fairly safe opponents.
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However, there are some powers so pernicious that they can have permanent effects on the victim if not remedied by the user directly. Others are so deadly that once cast, they are completely beyond the original user's control. Through identifying such characters and the nature of their abilities, it becomes easier to appreciate why they are formidable and what happens to those that cross their Stands' paths.
The only thing more terrifying than Gwess' Cry Cry Dolls Stand is the way that she uses them. When applied to an opponent, she can shrink them down to the size of a small animal and acts as though they are her playthings. Unlike Formaggio's Little Feet, this effect is also instant and cannot be reversed outside a certain range.
Jolyne only managed to revert Gwess' height reduction by forcing her hand. Should Gwess had things her way, Jolyne easily could have stayed that size for the rest of her life.
Teronusuke's "Enigma" Stand plays off its victim's sense of fear. When demonstrating the body language of anxiety twice, he can seal them into paper and do whatever he wants with them. Should the paper get ripped, the victim will explode into a gory mess.
Yuya Fungami proved that it is possible to free Enigma's victim without involving the user directly. However, without a direct savior, Enigma will not automatically release a victim over any given span of time. They need to be liberated directly.
Okuyasu's "The Hand" is capable of erasing whatever it touches and sealing the thing that has been removed. This allows him to surgically attack opponents, using such unstoppable power that not even the most durable character in the series can resist him.
What makes the Hand so formidable is that its effects are permanent and the victims can't be healed. Since the wound is automatically closed up, Stands like Shining Diamond and Gold Wind have nothing to fix. Not even Okuyasu knows where the materials he teleports are taken or if they even still exist.
Pucci's "Pale Snake" is able to disassemble enemies by removing parts of them as discs. An individual has two components that can be removed; their soul and their Stand. Although the former is much more important, it is impossible to resist Pucci without access to the latter.
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What makes Pucci so dangerous is that as physical objects, he can hold onto the discs for an indefinite amount of time. Meanwhile, the body of his victim will waste away, especially if not issued world-class medical attention.
Understandably, Ken is not perceived as the most credible villain of the series. His "Boy II Man" Stand is highly situational, requiring three consecutive victories over an opponent in Rock, Paper, Scissors in order to take away their power.
However, considering that Ken can win fractions of an opponent's Stand in a single game, he can hold them hostage for further matches. Without consenting to a second round against Ken, it's impossible for the victim of his power to ever get their full Stand back.
Melone's "Babyhead" was first created after collecting a sample of a woman's DNA and plugging it into a computer-like Stand machine. Fully sentient and able to act of its own volition, Babyhead shows no signs of deactivating regardless of the distance between its user or "biological mother."
Able to dice opponents to pieces with its ability, Melone's Stand ranks among the strongest of La Squadra's when its potential is acknowledged. However, he still lost to Giorno due to Gold Wind's fantastic regenerative capabilities.
In theory, Josuke's Shining Diamond is mostly used for healing. However, its technical strength is deconstruction and reassembly, as proven through his chase with Yuya Fungami. When determined to take down an enemy, Josuke can splice them with nearby objects in order to create an aberration.
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He used this technique in order to disfigure Anjuro and avenge his grandfather. Although Josuke seldom employs such obscene techniques when fighting Morioh's villains, they are completely irreversible when he decides to cut loose. To this day, Anjuro remains a vaguely humanoid boulder that exists in a fate worse than death.
D'arby the Player had a penchant for challenging his opponents to a riveting series of games. What they didn't know is that he could read their minds through a series of "yes or no" questions, providing a massive advantage. When defeating an opponent, D'arby used Atum to transform their bodies into living dolls.
He kept his victims in a collection as souvenirs of his triumph and dark reminders for what happens to those who challenge his tremendous gaming skills. D'arby may not leave the mansion much, though he's among DIO's most cunning servants.
When evolved into a requiem Stand, Silver Chariot was virtually unstoppable. It switched the bodies of everyone nearby, causing widespread confusion and panic. Worse yet, it seemed impervious to conventional attacks and dangerous to approach at all.
Although Silver Chariot Requiem was defeated when the shadows were crushed, many previously healthy bodies were too damaged to return to. As a result, Polnareff is forced to spend the rest of his life in the form of a turtle. It almost makes what happened to Avdol seem merciful in comparison.
Rohan Kishibe was the user of "Heaven's Door," one of the most versatile Stands in the entire series. It allowed him to rewrite any facet of his target's personality, giving him godlike influence over the victim.
What makes Heaven's Door especially powerful is that once something has been written, it cannot be removed. The only way to amend its effect is if Kishibe makes a rewrite to the subject. Heaven's Door can also be a force for good, as seen when Kishibe used it to teach Koichi Italian.
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